Madison, AL – Catholicschoolhouse


Hello and thank you for your interest in being a tutor! We are seeking the following positions this year

Homeroom teachers —

Nursery workers: 2 workers

Pre-School homeroom memory work with modifications ( 3-4 year olds): 1 tutor

Grammar A homeroom memory work with activities (5-7 year olds): 1 tutor

Grammar B homeroom memory work with activities (8-12 year olds): 1 tutor

Dialectic homeroom including Latin, Communications, Literature, Writing, and History timeline (12 year olds to 15/16 year olds): 1 tutor

Rhetoric homeroom including Communications, Latin, Composition/Speech, bi-weekly US Government, bi-weekly Rhetoric Seminar, Socratic discussion, Literature, Church documents (16/17 and 18 year olds): 2 tutors to alternate

Specialized Areas:

Art (teach all sections except nursery/preschool): 1 tutor

Science (teach all sections except nursery/preschool): 1 tutor

Off-site Work Duties

Field Trip Coordinator

Supply Coordinator

Website Manager


This is our Tutor Contract Please read it before filling out the Request to be Tutor Form. We will accept applications May 1- May 10 and make our final decisions on tutors and classes by May 18.  Our first Director/Tutor meeting will be in June with a facility tour.  All Madison, AL tutors are required to attend the Live Birmingham Tutor Training on June 9th.  Please see Tutor Training flyer below for details.  If you absolutely cannot be present for the Birmingham training, please let us know as soon as possible.

To apply to be a tutor in our Madison, AL Chapter please fill out the form below:

Request to be a Tutor

  • For example "My strengths are that I'm very organized and structured. My weakness is that I'm not very flexible, if something changes I have a hard time adapting my plans." Or "I'm super creative and have a lot of energy, but I lose track of time and sometimes don't get everything done that I want to." There are no wrong answers here, just be honest with yourself and us so we can find the best fit for you. We are all human and have talents God gave us- we just want to place you where you experience the least frustration and can use your talents best!
  • Thank you so much for your willingness to tutor in our Madison Chapter. Tutoring is both a ministry and a way to reduce the costs for your family to participate in our Chapter. We will pray diligently about placing our tutors in the roles that God intends for them.